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There are a lot of issues in Teen Wolf fandom, and a good ninety percent of them stem from the fact that somehow, Sterek manages to be the biggest subset. Even though many don’t want to say it, I will: Sterek fandom IS a problem.

When there are 23,000 more fics on AO3 for a non-canon pairing than…


I am sick and tired of the way we critique misogyny in fandom.

Why is it always “shame fanwork creators (overwhelmingly young women and queer ppl) for not including enough female characters” and never “question the fact that we’ve created a media culture where canonical female characters are by…

Beautiful meta is beautiful.

But how else am I supposed to tell them how obsessed I am with their work without having to actually talk to them?

But how else am I supposed to tell them how obsessed I am with their work without having to actually talk to them?

Things I have heard too many times in my life:

"You can’t like real Sci-Fi, you’re a girl."

"You can’t be a gamer, you’re a girl."

"You’re not a real nerd, you’re just a girl."

"Oh, you like Sci-Fi?  Prove it."

"Oh, you’re a gamer? Prove it."

"You’re a nerd?  How many Green Lanterns/Doctor Who actors/X-Men do you know?"

"Prove you’re a geek/nerd/gamer/sci-fi fan."

Men aren’t required to “prove it,” so why must I?

Look what I saw in the candy shop.

Look what I saw in the candy shop.

anitemareuluv replied to your post: Wait, you like Twilight? I thought you were cool…

It’s people like you that remind me that the entire Twilight fandom won’t throw acid in your face for saying it’s just a book. Good for you. Defend what you like. Though you really shouldn’t have to.

I’m not really part of the Twilight fandom.  I mean, I’ve read all the books, I’ve seen all the movies, and I’ve written fanfiction for it, but I don’t consider myself part of the fandom, because I don’t really talk to other Twilight fans.  Because a large percentage of the fandom is terrifying and unstable, in my opinion.  Now, to be fair, I’m terrifying and unstable too, but I don’t bash people for liking or not liking something.  I will argue why I feel people should give something a fair shake, but I don’t like it when people bully people about their fandoms or their ships.

I think it goes back to when I was a teenager.  When I was a teenager I was an obsessive fan of a specific band, that was considered “uncool.”  (I’m still an obsessive fan, honestly, I know every single song) But I was tormented, and I’ve actually been physically assaulted for being a part of that fandom.   I also liked other books and movies and TV shows that brought me a lot of flack.  As a result, I am seriously opposed to people bullying other people into liking or not liking things.

Love what you love.  Dislike what you dislike.  Don’t push your stuff onto me and I won’t push my stuff onto you.  But I’d love to sit down and share feels with you.  If you love something I don’t love, you are more than welcome to tell me why you love it, and talk to me about it.  I won’t shame you for your kinks, squicks, fandoms or ships.  Even though I am opinionated, and there are things I really don’t like.  

I believe that fandom shouldn’t be a space for hate.  It should be a space for love and acceptance.

I’m sorry this reply turned into a huge rant, I just have a lot of feelings on this particular subject.  I promise I will never throw acid in your face if you don’t like something I love.

I know what it’s like to be standing in line to see your favorite band in concert for the first time, and to have some jerks drive by in their car and throw stuff at you.  It sucks a lot.






“The brief was to portray Disney princesses enjoying a little tea party but they all had to be portrayed the same age as their respective movies (for example Snow White would be 75 years old, Aurora 53, Belle 21, Rapunzel 2 etc). ”

ok that’s actually pretty cool

I like this. I like it a lot.

This is the first time I’ve actually seen a piece of disney artwork like this.

I will always reblog this
So you’ve decided to join a fandom.


This is a hug. Hold onto it. You’re going to need it in the future.

Try to enjoy the ride.