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The Stonewall Riots were started by trans PoC, and making a movie about it, directed by a cis white guy, and starring a cis white guy. is probably one of the biggest slaps in the face to the trans community to date. Transwomen of color started the riots, and were swept under the rug as drag queens by the cis gay community. Making the movie with white cis male actors is disgusting and transphobic as hell.

Top five (well, the first five) things you would do to improve Teen Wolf. After firing Jeff Davis and offing the murder twins (the characters, not the actors, obvs)


oh god

  1. honestly, get rid of most (if not all) of the new actors they’ve announced for next season. I’m sure you’re all nice kids and/or adults, but cripes
  2. follow up to that, focus on the ones we have. THE ONES THAT REMAIN.
  3. take a step back from grimdark Beacon Hills and give us lacrosse, and school dances, and a double date or two
  4. yet on a serious note, maybe give us a funeral, have some characters actually talk about their shit, apologize for past wrongs, and generally stop acting like they’ve got five second attention spans except when it suits the ~drama~
  5. kill some of the other white dicks on the dancefloor. preferably the older evil ones. 

Can you write for the show please?

trans mermaids


so like I’ve seen a lot of posts about lesbian mermaids, but can we just take a minute to look at what a great metaphor mermaids/sirens make for trans women?

  • accused of “seducing” men / leading them to their death
  • viewed as half-women
  • cis people don’t quite understand / are very curious about our genitalia
  • extremely beautiful

so yeah I’m all for the trans woman mermatriarchy






Source: Orientation Police by Bill Roundy

This is cute as fuck and describes pretty accurately how I feel too.

This comic is included Anything that Loves edited by Zan Christensen.  

aside from this comic being really cute and honest, it also points out this really huge glaring problem in the gay community in relation to trans-men.

in my experience with a lot of gay men, they have this extremely purist view when it comes to what being a “real man” is, which is bad enough when you have different gay subcultures (bears, gymrats, etc) who have different specific definitions of what a “real man” is.

however for the most part, many gay men seem to agree upon a point of leaving trans-men not only out of their gender, but out of their sexuality as well and I have a real fucking problem with that.

i’m pretty open about things that relate to my sexuality, and i myself identify more or less as a homosexual, but i’ve found the worst part in the gay community is dealing with this bullshit. eventually i found that i at least have the luxury of telling guys to fuck off if i don’t meet their standards, but i know that’s a lot harder for folk when they seem to have the entire population of homosexuals more or less invalidating not only their gender, but their orientation as well.

with all of that said, i just ask this. if you happen to be a cisgender homosexual, like myself, don’t tell other gay men that they aren’t actually gay if they’re dating or have had relations with a trans-man because that’s a load of fucking bullshit.

more important, under any circumstance do not tell a trans-man they’re not a man or that they aren’t allowed to like other men who are homosexual, be they cis or trans.

that’s all i really wanted to say.

hey uhhh my dash seems to need this right now hello lets be better informed


unless you’re into

I used to like Bones. Until there was an episode with a gender nonconforming individual and everyone was all wrapped up in “are they a boy or a girl.” To the point where one character held them in an uncomfortably long and invasive hug, to get a read on their genitals, then told everyone “it moved.”

I was pretty much done after that.



"Secular Woman members have teamed up to present a petition opposing the transphobic actions of Cathy Brennan’s Gender Identity Watch. She and her group forward an agenda that is abusive and harmful to transgender women.  Their tactics include targeting named individuals. "

Petition Here

This is tumblr, I most likely don’t have to tell you who Cathy Brennan is. She is responsible for the harassment and doxxing of many transgender individuals.  This goes beyond simply trolling someone online, doxxing trans people puts their lives in danger.

We can’t let this continue, and this is one more angle to come at her from.  Don’t scroll past, we need every signature we can get so please sign this and share, signal boost on tumblr on twitter on facebook, plaster this where ever you can.  Do not let her continue to needlessly endanger innocent lives.

I will never stop reblogging this.





this is literally my worst nightmare. This is why I’m terrified to become a parent. This is why, despite others telling my not to work so a damn hard, I tried and tried and tried for the whole past year to repair my relationship with my partner’s mother and stepfather. They finally disowned us only about ten days ago, and I’m SCARED. I was attributing it to my anxiety disorder, but now that I read this article, I know that my fear is valid. This is happening right now - and it could happen to any of my beautiful trans siblings.

See, this is why marriage equality isn’t the most important issue. This is why we’ve been shouting and stomping our feet and never. shutting. up. It’s because children are being stripped of their parents for no other reason than THEIR PARENTS ARE HATEFUL BIGOTS.

Daniel and Cindy are young parents whose world has been turned upside down because Daniel is transgender. He transitioned over a decade ago when he was 19, and few people know that he is transgender. When Daniel and Cindy decided to have children, they told Cindy’s parents that Daniel is transgender because they were conceiving in vitro with donated sperm.

And, I suppose, they must also have trusted that her parents would continue to accept their son-in-law.

This was a mistake.

Cindy gave birth to healthy twins 2 ½ years ago, and Daniel and Cindy and the twins have been very happy – except for one problem.

Cindy’s parents make rude comments about Daniel being transgender, and they do it in front of the twins.

Requests for them to stop are met with mirth.

Daniel and Cindy put up with this behavior for a long while, but as the twins are getting older, they worry that the negative comments are harmful, and they don’t want to be forced to try and explain concepts to their young children that are beyond their ability or need to understand – in vitro, transgender.

Daniel and Cindy made the difficult decision that the grandparents are no longer welcome in their lives.

The grandparents got angry and sued for custody of the children.

The twins have two loving parents.

Child Protective Services have never been called; there have been no police reports of abuse; neither parent has a criminal record.

Last week, a court removed the twins from their home and gave custody to the grandparents.

The reason?

Their father is transgender.

Daniel and Cindy are working with a lawyer to try and get their children back.

Will they get them back? Who knows? What we do know that the children have pulled out of their home and are living with two people who demean and ridicule their father.

Names have been changed, as the story hasn’t hit the news yet - offering the family privacy until they choose to take it public. more at the link above.

Hey, all you folks, you 29,330+ who have reblogged our transawareness post - this is important.

This is why organizations like GLAAD and FCKH8 and HRC are so damaging. Because when they mock, misgender, ignore, insult, and silence us, this is the result. A loving, happy family that’s been ripped apart.

You want to do more than just reblog awareness posts? Stop supporting those businesses (YES, FCKH8 IS A BUSINESS) and organizations that try to shut us out and shut us down.


Police Violence Against Transgender Community

A news report about police profiling, harassment, and violence against transgender and gender nonconforming people. Produced by Jordan Flaherty, correspondent Christof Putzel, filmed by Junghun Park, edited by Leila Garcia. Featuring interviews with Sasha Washington, Alasia Farrel, Dean Spade, Trina Vuitton, Andrea Ritchie, Bianey Garcia, and Yarian Gonzalez.

My best friend’s dad just made me feel like crap. Basically, he belittled my politics, my sexuality, and my gender identity.

He informed me, “don’t worry, we still love you despite your ‘little ways’.”

I’m both hurt and angry, but talking to him is like talking to a brick wall.

I can’t even right now.