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How a new plot development on Teen Wolf erases consent.

We’re all familiar with the “fuck or die” trope. Now it’s happening on Teen Wolf. This is disconcerting.

The characters who are virgins are being told that they have to lose their virginity or risk death.

This choice invalidates consent.

Consent should be freely given, when characters are clear-headed. The fact that Stiles and Isaac and whoever else is a virgin are fearing for their lives right now makes their minds clouded. They can’t consent.

This makes me very uncomfortable, especially in regards to Isaac. Isaac who was an abuse victim for many years, and therefore has not had much of his own agency in his life. He may or may not be ready for sex. But his choice is being taken away from him. It’s “fuck or die.”.

And Stiles may very well be ready for sex, as was shown in 3.02, but even then, his ability to consent freely is impaired.

I’m not saying that “fuck or die” isn’t an interesting trope, I’m only pointing out the inherent consent issues that exist within the trope.

As long as this sword is hanging over their heads, any virgin characters aware of the situation cannot freely consent to sex.

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    My theory is they only needed three virgins cuz u know the number (3) or they may need one for each alpha so only one...
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    dude, that would be hilarious if that was the next episode, where Menfolk are running around being Concerned About...
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    Okay so like. We’ve been talking about things coming in threes. So I don’t even get why everyone is on about characters...
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    yeah there is a REASON that fuck or die is a fic trope and not one that often shows up in canons BECAUSE IT’S FUCKED UP...
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    These are the facts: 1) virgins are dying 2) stiles is a virgin. If stiles has sex knowing only that virgins are dying,...
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    yeah no, this is jumping the shark for me. It isnt a consent issue here. It isnt even a fuck or die trope actually. I...