Cat-People From Space!
I don’t want to be a buzzkill but…

In the Dylan/Hoechlin vid they never actually said we’d get Sterek.

They implied it heavily, but what Hoechlin actually said was if we voted for them, they’d take more naps together.

And in the comment below the video the TeenWolf tumblr said if we didn’t vote they’d sink the ship, but they never explicitly stated that it would sail if they won (Which they have, yay).  Just that it wouldn’t sink.

So, what we’re likely to get it more teasing.  If Sterek becomes canon it will probably be quite some time down the road.  Which I’m cool with.

But people keep saying they explicitly told us we’d get Sterek if they won the TCAs, and as far as I’ve seen they never did [say explicitly that we’d get Sterek].  Unless I missed something.

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