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asupernaturalrelatedurl said: I think they’re getting pissy about the nerdfighteria Holocaust jokes you reblogged. :|


Oh, duh, *headesk*

Um, I wasn’t reblogging because I thought it was funny, though I’ll admit the puns were clever. I was reblogging for Hank’s comment.

But I’ll say something here. The Holocaust, like any tragedy or serious topic can be examined in a humorous light. Like the recent debates about rape jokes.

Humor is a human defense mechanism, it helps us deal with grief and loss and pain.

Mel Brooks has made comedy movies about the Holocaust, as have several other people. Nobody’s saying that the holocaust in itself was funny, because it isn’t, but humor is a tool that helps us cope.

No, I didn’t personally lose anyone in the holocaust, since you know, I wasn’t born yet. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have intense feelings about it. Nor does it mean I can’t laugh at some humorous wordplay, no matter what the subject matter is.

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