Cat-People From Space!
You know what I want?

An openly gender variant/nonbinary character on a mainstream television show.

I’ve seen gay, bi, straight, cisgender and transgender characters on television shows.  And even one pan character. Trans* characters might not be common in television, but they do appear from time to time.  And every once in a while we get a character on TV who’s acknowledged to have a non-binary sexual orientation (also exceedingly rare, but it does happen sometimes).  But I’ve never seen a character on television who has openly admitted to having a non-binary gender identity.

It’s the only thing I want for Christmas this year.  It’s all I will wish for when I blow out my birthday candles.  It’s the wish that’s gonna be on every coin I toss into a fountain or wishing well.  It’s going to be my first thought on every shooting star.

We need more gender variant visibility in the media.  And by “more” I mean any at all.

Maybe if we had some visibility it would be easier for us to come out.  Maybe we wouldn’t have to spend so much trying to convince people that our identities are valid and real, and that we didn’t “make up” our gender identities just to be “special snowflakes.”

I’m willing to bet that every non-binary person who has ever come out to somebody has heard, at least once, that their identity isn’t real.  Coming out about any queer identity is hard enough without adding on the pressure that most of the people you want to come out to don’t even know your identity exists.

So, I want a publicly genderqueer character on television.  Please universe?

And while I’m wishing for things I’ll probably never get, can I have an openly pansexual/panromantic character who’s not hypersexual?  

Because, Jack Harkness is an amazing character, he really is.  But he’s the only media representation of pansexuality that I know of.  So, while it’s AWESOME to have somebody you can point at as an example of your orientation, if there’s only ONE example, people tend to think that all pansexuals/panromantics are the same.  And while there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being hypersexual, I myself am not hypersexual, so it’s not a completely accurate representation.  And all I really want is to be able to turn on the television and see somebody who looks/acts like me in some respects.  

I want to find myself in the media, be able to point at a character and say, “that’s me.”  It’s important.