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Surprise dysphoria.

I hadn’t even realized I was having a “guy day” this morning until I went out to lunch with my mom. The waiter kept calling me “young lady,” which made me flinch every time.

I mentioned to my mom that I generally prefer being called “Sir,” an she said, “You don’t have the right equipment to be a ‘sir’.”

This accidentally triggered a bout of dysphoria I wasn’t expecting.

It led into an interesting discussion on gender with my mom. I tried to explain being genderqueer, but she didn’t really get it. She didn’t freak out or anything, so it could have gone way worse, but she doesn’t get it yet.

Still, I’m feeling oogy & dysphoric. Meh.

  1. ferrymedown said: argggh I get this. And then there’s my sister who’s often taken as male by randomers.
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