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Hey! I follow you for Teen Wolf fandom. I've never seen Glee, so I'm curious. Why does that song (cough syrup?) trigger you. Is it actually a song about cough syrup? I'm confuse.

Hi Nonny!  First, thanks for following!

Okay, first, “Cough Syrup” is a song by Young the Giant that was covered on Glee.  Here’s a link to the original music video:

In Glee season 3 episode 14, the song was sung by actor Darren Criss (the character Blaine).  In that episode, On My Way, they had a storyline about a character attempting suicide.  The character, Dave Karofsky is a former bully who used to bully an openly gay character, before being revealed to be gay himself.  In season 3 he transferred to a new school to finish out high school, while staying in the closet.  He got outed, and started experiencing anti-gay bullying.  He then attempted suicide.

The episode didn’t give us any warning.  There was no little announcement at the beginning of the episode saying it was a Very Special Episode, no indication whatsoever that there would be dark and triggering material in the episode.  Most of us were taken by surprise.  The song is intercut with scenes of bullying and attempted suicide.  

This is a link to the scene from the TV show.  Please don’t watch it if you are easily triggered:

So here’s the personal part.  Most people who follow my blog know I deal with suicidal ideation in my own life.  However, my personal problems with that episode of Glee have to do with my ex-fiance.

On February 21st, 2012, my ex-fiance (who I still lived with, even though we were no longer together) left a suicide note in the living room and wandered out into the woods behind our apartment with a knife.  I called the cops and had him mental health arrested.  Again.  This happened multiple times between us.  After the cops found him and talked him down, they took him to the hospital.  I went to the hospital with him, sat with him crying on my shoulder, and dealt with getting him admitted again.  At the end of the day, I went home, drained and broken, and turned on my favorite TV show to unwind.  With no warning, I watched a character I love attempt suicide.  After that, I wasn’t able to listen to “Cough Syrup” for a very long time.  

Season 3 of Glee triggered me a lot.  A few weeks after I left my ex-fiance because of domestic abuse, Glee introduced a domestic violence storyline that was very similar to my own life.

I still have trouble listening to some of those songs too.