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laughingfish answered your question: Possibilities for Stiles Mpreg verse

erm, half alien? He could just be, you know, trans*. since thats a thing that actually exists and is the most plausible.

Yes, he could.

But honestly, I don’t think I could write a transman going through a pregnancy without triggering a shit-ton of dysphoria in myself.

I prefer going the sci-fi/fantasy route with mpreg, it’s less triggering for myself.  It’s also less angsty for me to write.

If somebody else wanted to write ftm!Stiles getting pregnant, I’d totally read it, but I don’t think I could write it.  Just the idea of sitting down and plotting it out makes me uncomfortable.  I would also have to take a long time to sit with the character and decide whether or not Stiles would want to terminate.  Especially if he’s been stealth for a while.  Maybe if I was setting out to write a long angst fic, but that’s not really what I’m aiming for.

I kind of just want to write a slightly cracky, fluffy, schmoopy mpreg fic.  WIth smut.

If I wrote Stiles as FTM, it would probably turn into a diatribe of trans* politics and abortion politics, and wouldn’t really fit the bill for what I’m going for.

It is a very valid idea, though.

  1. roxashighwind said: Truth be told, transman or cisgirl, I don’t think Stiles would terminate if he or she got pregnant. It would be a tough decision, but I think the fetus’ potential life would be more important to Stiles in the end. That’s just how I see Stiles anyway
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