Cat-People From Space!
My life has turned into a series of thought experiments

"How many of my fandoms can I smush together until something explodes?"

Of course, most of my fandoms already contain things that explode.

But just imagine Dom Torretto, Kurt Hummel and Tony Stark working on cars together. Specifically a certain Impala….

And Molly Carpenter hanging out with Darcy Lewis?

And Letty Ortiz hanging out with Lauren Zizes and Natasha Romanov?

Not to mention Kitty Pryde and Penelope Garcia geeking out with Waldo Butters.

Or Bobby Drake playing pranks on the Winchesters?

And Jack Harkness hitting on, well, everyone. Giving Thomas Raith a run for his money

And Ryan and Esposito chilling with Coulson and Barton.

Buffy beating up Thor during a sparting session, Willow hanging out with Wanda Maximoff, and Xander and Fury having an “eyepatch-off.”. Well, Xander trying to get Fury into one…

And Billy and Teddy going on a double date with Kurt and Blaine would be adorable.

Any thoughts?