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I’ve figured out the reason for all of the problems with Glee.

3 years ago, Will Schuester was in a serious accident, and now lays comatose in an extended care facility. He’s not 100% unresponsive, but he’s unable to wake up and interact with the world.

As he lays there, he’s dreaming. His mind is taking in bits of what’s going on around him, and stories play out in his mind to help him deal with his subconscious feelings and desires.

He has villains, heroes, and representations of his own fears, insecurities, hopes and dreams.

Burt Hummel is Will’s yearning for a loving father. Kurt Hummel is Will’s fear of being different, “Other.”

Sue Sylvester is all the obstacles in Will’s life. His need for a villain to conquer. Rachel Berry is Terri as he wishes her: still young with a big future, but with much more ambition and drive. Finn is one part the child Will longs for and one part Will himself.

But the reason Glee has such bad continuity, and things happen that are ridiculously improbable and illegal, and there are numerous musical numbers, is that THE ENTIRE SERIES IS A FREAKING COMA DREAM INSIDE WILL’S HEAD!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it, :)

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