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So, I understand why they left the Thor/Sif romance out of the Thor movie

Because they needed to have Jane as Thor’s love interest, and Hollywood movies tend to be big on monogamy.

But in my head, Thor and Sif never parted ways, but were always this epic, polyamorous battle couple, who fought together, and lived together, and loved each other fiercely, along with encouraging each other to take other lovers, and even helping each other out in their “conquests” and love affairs.

Personally, I would have found that a lot more interesting.  I mean, they’re gods, right?  And gods in mythology tend to have lots and lots of lovers.

Also, right now I have a huge desire to write Darcy/Sif femslash.  Maybe after Glee, if I’m not overcome with Glee bunnies.

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  9. srslyaubrey said: Weren’t Gods in a lot of mythologies polyamorous? But I agree, that’s almost never explored in film and it WOULD be really interesting to see.